Monday, September 30, 2013

Solaiemes participated in the TelcoAPI workshop at SDP Summit.

Solaiemes had the opportunity to attend the SDP Global Summit organized by Informa Telecoms  & Media the past 17-20th September in Rome.

It was an interesting event with telcos and vendors explaining their approaches to the "service delivery". Topics as how close API exposure & telco core have to be in the architecture and long tail versos internal/enterprise users to be the target were discussed.

Our opinion is that telco exposure may be done in a way that could be deployed easily, and with no/little integration tasks. We know big vendors sometimes like the complexity as a form of lock-in but we embrace UNI-exposure (user to network interface, API behaving as telco-client/end-point). It is the way we are doing for RCS API exposure and also for WebRTC-Telco exposure.

We are including our slides from the TelcoAPI post-conference Workshop chaired by Alan Quayle where we could share the stage with great companies as Tropo, Telestax & Apidaze. We talked about RCS API as opportunity for telcos in the B2C communications space.

Alan Quayle just published about the SDP Summit review and the TelcoAPI Workshop with his own slides and the slides from participants in the SDP Summit and the workshop.

We particularly recommend the slides 36-64 of the his presentation, priceless as it is described with funny slides why the old-telco mindset could make telcos irrelevant soon. It would make no sense, many vendors, established ones and young blood ones are trying to help them to stay relevant and competitive players in the new communication services field.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Voxeo Pioneers Use Of joyn In Business-To-Consumer Communications Using Solaiemes’ RCS API Gateway

Voxeo CXP is the first Multi-Channel Application Platform to support joyn as a communication channel for more engaging mobile customer self-service 

Cologne, Germany and Madrid, Spain, September 04, 2013 – Voxeo, an Aspect company, is pioneering the use of the joyn messaging service in business-to-consumer communication by adding it to its award-winning Voxeo CXP multi-channel self-service platform, allowing companies to offer much richer, more engaging mobile self-service communications to their customers. Voxeo has integrated joyn into its CXP (formerly VoiceObjects) platform using the Solaiemes’ RCS API Gateway, creating a developer-friendly environment for fast and easy deployment of joyn-powered apps to existing customer communication strategies.

joyn was developed by the GSMA as a joint service initiative between carriers and handset providers. It allows individuals and organisations to share images, documents, music, video and other files during or outside of a regular telephone call. Like SMS, it comes pre-installed and configured on the mobile phones of participating carriers. Voxeo’s award-winning CXP application lifecycle management suite is the first multi-channel self-service platform in the industry to support joyn, helping to advance the Rich Communications Services (RCS) network.

 “joyn has huge potential for business-to-consumer communication, both in agent-assisted and automated self-service solutions,” says Tobias Goebel, Voxeo’s director of mobile strategy. “By introducing joyn to Voxeo CXP via Solaiemes’ RCS API Gateway, it becomes exceptionally easy for organisations to add joyn-powered apps to their customer communication strategies in a fully integrated fashion.”

Voxeo CXP is the first application development and lifecycle management suite that helps customer service departments build, deploy, manage, and analyse automated applications on joyn, in addition to the IVR, mobile Web, and SMS channels that CXP also supports. Voxeo has integrated joyn with its CXP platform using the Solaiemes’ RCS API Gateway. Solaiemes facilitates the integration of non-RCS platforms through a simple but powerful HTTP interface.

Voxeo deployed a pilot program of joyn-enabled Voxeo CXP with one of its European mobile carrier clients. The carrier reported a high degree of success in designing self-service applications that, for example, allow the customer to request account status information or top up their prepaid account.

Voxeo and Solaiemes expect the joyn-enabled CXP platform to be adopted rapidly by its mobile carrier clients, who are eager to derive added value from their investment in the development of this new messaging standard. Ultimately joyn should see adoption in the enterprise as well, as its communications streams can be encrypted, thereby allowing more secure B2C communication than can be provided by third-party vendors. For example, travel companies could use it to allow self-service and ticket distribution, or insurance companies to capture video footage of accident damage.

 “Solaiemes envisioned from the beginning the potential of joyn instant messaging as something beyond the person-to-person casual messaging, and considered it a perfect channel for B2C communication,” comments Juan Mateu, Solaiemes co-founder. “It is exciting to see Voxeo add joyn as a communications channel in its CXP multi-channel self-service platform and make joyn available to companies to communicate with their customers”.

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