Friday, February 21, 2014

Helping users to control the overwhelming messaging tsunami. RCS Personal Manager to the rescue.

Instant messaging is a hot topic (this week Facebook acquired Whatsapp, a great messaging app) but not everything is invented yet! The popularity and affordability of messaging is creating a "messaging mess" that can not be solved with white/black list strategy but enabling used to define their messaging filters as molding clay.

This enhanced experience can be provided with our RCS Personal Manager AS, that can be combined with whatever RCS Instant Messaging server in the market and let RCS fill a gap that OTT's are not solving yet. The UX can be integrated in the RCS client itself, or offered as standalone mobile App or website using our RCS PM API to access to the IM-BOX and PM Rule Manager.

Also, the PM can be used of opt-out easily from B2C cases. RCS is a Platform but no reason to bother users that can keep only for personal messaging. Flexibility is key :-)

We are eager for innovative telcos wanting to be the first in market with this solution and RCS Core vendors for partnering

See you in Barcelona this MWC 2014 !!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unified Communications based on RCS using RCS API & WebRTC.

See the new Unified Comms client based on telco assets. Combining RCS and voice you can create full UC experience in you browser combining messaging and media features. For media WebRTC is used, YES!!!! WebRTC is useful for RCS!

The 2 Solaiemes products needed are Solaiemes RCS Web Solution API and the WebRTC-Telco Gateway. The UX/look&feel can be fully customized to your requirements, do not worry :-)

See you at #MWC14 !

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facebook Private Call App: telco wedding with WebRTC and social networks.

Hi, we recently talked about our WebRTC-Telco Gateway and its SDK enabling new innovative telco services and mash-ups with internet. We included some services, in a demo service portal, to authorize to be reached at your mobile without disclosing your number, one of them was using Facebook Connect.

Now we just built as Facebook app the service. The idea is that you may prefer not to give your phone number to new friends but have an option allowing them to call you at your number. Yes! It is possible, see how.

With this approach, both telcos and social networks can partner and offer premium services for new communication experiences with an added value, in the example, to be reachen at your mobile normally without disclosing your number.

More services coming soon!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Solaiemes in the WIPjam developer event at #MWC14

Apart from exhibiting at the #MWC14 Solaiemes will be this year actively participating in a new collateral event, WIPjam, an event to engage de mobile developer community. We will be participating in:

  • Telco API Workshop with representatives from very important companies Deutsche Telekom Developer Garden, Apigee, Broadsoft, Intel and the GSMA.

  • Innovation Mashup Hackaton our technology exposing RCS as API will be used with other APIs from companies as Apigee, Dejamobile and Orange Partners.

  • Expert Table where we will explain our strategy for developer engagement and RCS Monetization. Other companies participating in the Expert Table include Mozilla, Orange, Canonical and Dejamobile.
 We are ready for networking...

See you there !!!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

WebRTC-Telco Monetization Webinar slides and poll analysis.

Thanks to all the attendants to our webinar about WebRTC-Telco Monetization and the feedback provided with the initial polls and a short final survey. You all can access to the slides here:

Also, we would like to share the initial poll results. Some key points:

  • Most of the attendants consider that WebRTC is a technology that telcos may use.

  • Almost half of responses consider "internal politics" the cause of telcos not using WebRTC.

  • The telco applications of WebRTC are broad and not a clear preference about the focus.

  • The poll suggests the convenience of starting to use WebRTC by Telcos asap, and in case of waiting for "something", the most relevant issue to be solved is the lack of WebRTC support in mobile/tablet platform, not Internet Explorer. It seems that the lack of support of WebRTC by IE is not a concern.

Feel free to contact us or provide additional feedback, by email, linkedin or just visiting our booth at #MWC14.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Solaiemes to exhibit at MWC 2014.

As previous years Solaiemes is  exhibiting at the Mobile World Congress 2014. Our stand will be located in the Spanish Pavilion in the Congress Square in the corridor communication the Halls 4 & 5. In the Pavilion our Stand is the number 14.

Solaiemes is presenting its new products with the focus on helping telcos to monetize new enablers as RCS (Rich Communication Services) and tools as WebRTC.
Solaiemes has the right portfolio at the proper time to market but needs strong commercial partnerships (you know, in this telco world size matters) and/or get additional funding for the growth stage. We are interested in meeting:

- Telcos: mobile, fixed, triple play or even OTTs eager to integrate RCS/joyn in their offerings with monetizaton platforms and also interested in WebRTC to generate telco revenues.
- Investors: yes, we are looking for some fuel to accelerate our growth. Yes, we know that Spain is no a sexy country for VC's and telco technology is not the preferred area for investors, but we keep trying :(
- Partners: complementary technology providers or integrators wanting to pioneer RCS and WebRTC in their countries integrating our solutions.
- M&A guys from companies interested in expanding portfolio through selected acquisitions.

If you want to schedule a meeting contact us at: mwc (at) solaiemes (dot) com
See you there !!