Friday, February 21, 2014

Helping users to control the overwhelming messaging tsunami. RCS Personal Manager to the rescue.

Instant messaging is a hot topic (this week Facebook acquired Whatsapp, a great messaging app) but not everything is invented yet! The popularity and affordability of messaging is creating a "messaging mess" that can not be solved with white/black list strategy but enabling used to define their messaging filters as molding clay.

This enhanced experience can be provided with our RCS Personal Manager AS, that can be combined with whatever RCS Instant Messaging server in the market and let RCS fill a gap that OTT's are not solving yet. The UX can be integrated in the RCS client itself, or offered as standalone mobile App or website using our RCS PM API to access to the IM-BOX and PM Rule Manager.

Also, the PM can be used of opt-out easily from B2C cases. RCS is a Platform but no reason to bother users that can keep only for personal messaging. Flexibility is key :-)

We are eager for innovative telcos wanting to be the first in market with this solution and RCS Core vendors for partnering

See you in Barcelona this MWC 2014 !!!

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