Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Solaiemes, RedHerring 100 Europe 2008 Finalist !!!

Solaiemes has been selected by RedHerring as Finalist of the RedHerring 100 Europe 2008 Awards. We thank this kind of mentions just when our starp-up is 18 months old, a baby just walking but not able to speak very clear yet :-).

We are growing, our solutions infrastructure is ready, we have projects deploying our technologies, and first adopters customers interested, and this kind of initiatives help to highlight brand awareness. In few months our hard work has been compensated with VC investment, several important projects for us, the GSMA shorlisting us as Top Mobile Innovators at Mobile Asia Congress, being awarded by Bancaja at their Entrepreneurship Awards and finally being finalist at RedHerring 100.
Hope this kind of mentions will stimulate "first adopters" of new technologies in the same way they stimulate VC to invest :-)

Congratulations to all the other finalist start-up, specially the spanish ones, je je, and of course, all the very young start-ups at seed/A funding round :-), the hardest but also the most challenging times.

thanks again
the solaiemes team

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