Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RCS Monetization Suite

In the past months we have been unveiling additional platforms on top of our pioneering RCS network API GW.

It is time to explain why API itself is not enough in the telco industry today.

We have been talking with many telcos about the possibilities of the API, and they believed in the value, but they think they need huge base of users first. That will not happen if they focus in the person to person messaging where the incumbents today are OTT. We needed to unblock this egg-chicken scenario.

Well, in the last months we have been developing the complementary pieces to the RCS API exposure to move from telco internal trials/PoCs to something they can "sell" to both, enterprise and long-tail developers, engage the final users and the magic world...MONETIZE.

To expose easily the API developers are not keen to call account managers, sign paper contracts, etc...they want a Twilio or Tropo alike portal...and we just used a tier-1 API Management company, 3Scale to offer a RCS Developer Portal cloud based that whatever telco can launch quickly.

As a new way to access to services is born, the rich-chat based interactive cases, it would be needed a way to discover new "chat services" and add to your phonebook, the market of "RCS based cases", and we developed the RCS Store framework to make feasible the "RCS service market" , as standalone app or with API to integrate with RCS clients.

Finally we may talk about money, the well-know sentence "show me the money". Yes, telcos pay a good money to strategy consultants but ask the tech vendors about how to make money :-)

Enabling high rates of API concurrence for B2C is a revenue model with enterprise, but in the other hand, to get adoption telcos need to enrich RCS with casual chat based cases created by developers. How to reward them? Well, in the same way that internet companies are overlapping the telco space and revenue sources, telcos can overlap internet space and their traditional revenue sources as advertisement. Chat based services, person-to-information, person-to-chat-based-game become a new media, providing a context where inserting contextual non-push ads...Yes, the Google model applied to instant messaging. Voilà!, our RCS Advertising Platform fills the gap.

Does it makes sense, doesn't it? Then, bundling all the pieces of the puzzle is what we named as RCS Monetization Suite.

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