Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Solaiemes, IMS technology partner of Project Clearwater


Solaiemes joined the Project Clearwater ecosystem as IMS Technology Partner.
Clearwater is IMS in the Cloud, a project sponsored by Metaswitch Networks.

We think Clearwater is a very good way to introduce IMS for telcos, decreasing both, complexity and cost, It worth to add value with VAS platforms from the ecosystem.

For us, it is great to become partners among a list of impressive telco technology companies as Telestax (we are Telestax partners also http://www.telestax.com/solaiemes-joins-telestax-partner-ecosystem), BroadForward, Metaswitch and cloud and virtualization companies as AWS (Amazon) and VMware.

IMS is not about a technology itself, it is about a way for telcos to create easily new IP based services and add value to their enablers. IMS is taking off finally but need options to be adopted by all telcos, not only the incumbent ones, and virtualized environments fill that gap. Application layer and VAS platforms may follow that path, and Solaiemes does.

We have tested our RCS API Gateway and our WebRTC-Telco Gateway and we can say that both are plug&play deployable on top of Clearwater IMS. Never telcos had so easy way to explore their future.

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