Monday, May 19, 2014

TadHack WebRTC exposure for Nexmo VoIP lines

As you know Solaiemes is sponsoring TadHack event and providing the RCS API portal to allow developers to get familiar with rich chat possibilities to create valuable interactive services.

As Nexmo is offering its VoIP lines for the hackaton we just prepared a "beta" way to use their lines with WebRTC. In this site the developer can introduce the credentials of the Nexmo lines and get the credentials to use that line with the WebRTC SDK. No need additional registration, if you registered in the Nexmo portal you only need to get your WebRTC SDK credentials linked to your line.

There are included a couple of examples including the code source that can be downloaded, a dialer and a clic2call.

We will keep it live for the Hackaton.

Enjoy the hack!

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