Monday, June 9, 2014

TadHack 2014 in Madrid summary. Telco APIs matter.

Solaiemes sponsored TadHack 2014 event. Our company product is about telco APIs, and it was "the event". It took place in Madrid the past weekend and among the developer resources we offered RCS API Developer Portal & a WebRTC SDK to be used with Nexmo lines.

It was incredible how several satellite events provided very good entries, and how in 2 days onsite developers coming from different countries coded their hacks.

It was a pity that not many telcos sent people to see "where the money will be" but we are sure next year they will be. Thanks to all the telcos present. We could have good chats and also other tech vendors providing complementary APIs. And thanks to the brave developers who used our RCS API, they are the ones that could be named pioneers :-)

We are sure soon Alan Quayle will be postint his own summary with all the details, the decks used and pointers to the hacks.

Also, we were interviewed briefly about the reasons to participate in TadHack and why the telco APIs will be key.

You can find more pics (until the official gallery will be published by TadHack) in our Facebook Page here.
Hope to be next year at TadHack 2015

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